Welcome to my adventure blog!

I love and have always been drawn to exciting adventures – whether that be hiking in the wilderness, climbing rock faces, or scaling via ferattas. I am here for all of it!!!

The thrill of these adventures always excites me and I created this space to share some of my most fun and rewarding times, in hope that others who enjoy what I enjoy can learn more and check out new interesting places/events.

Since this is my first post I want to share a little about myself. I’m an entrepreneur. I wear many “hats.” Technically, I am a freelance graphic designer, personal trainer, stretch instructor, podcaster, and stay at home animal loving mom (we have a lot of animals!). I have a wonderful wife, 10 dogs, 8 cats, rats, geckos, rabbits, chickens, tarantulas (my wife’s not mine) and a hamster.

I have been traveling for many years and always seem to find fun adventures along the way. Thank you for reading and subscribe to this blog to stay up to date with all the new content that I’ll be posting. I appreciate you!